Braces for patients 18 and under

The childhood and teenage years are an optimal time to receive orthodontic treatment. All the adult teeth are now through, but the jaws are still soft enough to easily move your teeth into a straighter position, allowing for faster treatments and lasting results.

Who needs early treatment?

Our young patients often seek out orthodontic treatment for one of three reasons:

  • They suffer from problems with their teeth, such as crowding and spacing
  • They suffer from problems with their jaw, such as overbite or underbite
  • They want to ensure their adult teeth grow into the proper alignment

Many patients may have a combination of the three. The good news is, we can create a custom treatment plan to effectively treat these misalignments and other early orthodontic issues.

Braces for children and teens

Discreet treatments for young patients

We offer Invisalign® clear aligners for patients under 18 who want a virtually invisible way to straighten their teeth. This is a great choice for children and teenagers who are concerned about the look of traditional braces and want a more discreet option.

Braces for children and teens

Invisalign® for children and teens

Invisalign® clear aligners are perfect for on-the-go lifestyles and are an excellent solution for many young patients. The clear, plastic aligners are removable and can be taken out to eat, brush, floss, partake in sports, or practise an instrument. And the blue dot wear indicators helps parents keep track of how long their child has worn their aligners each day.

Discover Invisalign®

Invisalign® for children and teens

NHS Eligibility

If you or your child are under 18 and need orthodontic treatment for health reasons (not just cosmetic), you could qualify for funding under the NHS. We can help you determine whether or not you meet the criteria as set out by the Index of Orthodontic Needs (IOTN).

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Braces for children and teens

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Braces for children and teens

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